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    ¿Cuánto mide Sophie Simmons?


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    ¿Cuánto mide Sophie Simmons? Empty ¿Cuánto mide Sophie Simmons?

    Mensaje por Admin Miér Dic 20, 2017 3:03 pm

    Sophie Simmons mide 1.72


    ¿Cuánto mide Sophie Simmons? Unitas+Gala+Against+Sex+Trafficking+6z_Z2g5i5Lwx

    Según la web esto es lo que ha afirmado de su estatura:

    In June 2010 (almost 18) she said:
    "Got measured today.. I'm 5' 7(1/2)". Sad what the he'll happened"

    but by October 2010, seemingly grew 2.5 inches, because she now claimed to stand:
    "bout 5'10"

    Fast forward to February 2013 though, and she shrunk back down, saying she was:

    a figure, she maintained in June 2013:
    "my family calls me Little since I'm the only one under 6ft (5'8" Sad. )"

    By October 2014, though, she regained an inch and said:
    "I'm 5'9""

    This, was sadly only temporary, since in September 2015 she had lost another inch:
    "5'8 ish"

    However, a month later in October 2015 she was joyous:

    "I grew an inch?! What? I'm an adult, aren't I done growing? #5foot9"

    And by November 2016 a remarkable feat happened - maybe a grow taller program - because now she claimed:
    "I'm 5'10/5'11... that wiki stat was from when I was in high school smh"

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